Brands / Companies we’ve worked with.

Moments of sense and style, Little cotton Clothes, Nadinoo, Engine, Forest Gin, All that is Braw, Rsm, Sheridans, Epicure, Firenza Floral Design, Devon Beach Company, Spin Cycles, Albion, Hector, Alexandra Beer House, Clems Garden, Spencers Trousers, Rolling in Roses, English Cabinet Company, Me & Orla, Kew Gardens, Magpie.


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Prices / Rates

1 Hour Photography from £100.00 per hour
Headshots from £25 per person.

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The difference editing can make

Every company is a little different and might want their images to suit them. Below is an example from left to right of different styles of processing that can be achieved. The far left is the image as it comes out of the camera, unedited. The next two are edited slightly differently, the first is more clean and crisp while the 3rd has a more film feel about it. It’s all down to personal taste but it’s something we can work on together.